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Cloth collider

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  • Hello everyone

    I am trying to animate some A4 sheets of paper flying like the image attached.

    The whole scene is built with c4d 12 and the problem I have is that the sheets of paper do not collide with each other.

    Could you tell me what is wrong with it?


    Here is the file I am building


    pages 02.c4d

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    Hi Brian,

    Your 'Connect' method works well.

    Edit: This is interesting as although the planes are connected as one they are still independent as far as the forces acting upon them. Perhaps I am not understanding what 'Connect' actually does, can you explain please?

    I tried putting Cloth Collider tags on each plane and that doesn't work at all for some reason.

    It's usually best to use Cloth NURBS rather than HyperNURBS or a combination of the two and Cloth tag > Expert > Increasing 'Sub Sampling' can sometimes help reduce mesh penetrations if they are occuring.



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    This topic is now closed to further replies.

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