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… looking for R11.5 with modules !

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If you are in doubt about the validity of the offer ask for the first 11 digits of the serial number so you can verify with MAXON.

For resale of used licenses MAXON offers a license transfer form, just get in contact with MAXON techsupport to obtain it.



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  • I re-put the message onto the top (just in case )

    And I must complete my introducing by presenting you this modell…

    it's a MCR-01 (10 hours of work, personal challenge)

    I've done it from the blueprints (low def) that are provided on their website

    it's not finished yet (seats, etc… ) … the idea is to texture it in different ways…

    in order to do proposals to a friend of mine

    ( who's up to have his real plane re-painted… lucky guy !)


    (be indulgents, it's only my third real work in 3D


    "Athos pour "un"… "un" Porthos !" … (devise des 3 mousquetaires lorsqu'ils n'étaient encore que deux)

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    This topic is now closed to further replies.

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