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Laggy Playback.. are my settings wrong?

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  • I ahve a scene that i rendered which is a fairly hefty scene.. a lot of HQ textures and objects but in a small area.

    Basically its a gun of sorts and i animated it being asembled with a pan around.

    But when it got done rendering it plays back Jittery or Laggy.

    I mean it almost seems like my computer cant handle it (wich is not the case) but thats how it acts.

    I have a 2,500 computer that rates a 7.9 on the WEI rating system. Quad Core processor with 8 gigs of ram and a 600 dollar rhadeon Black edition Video card,,, its not my computer...

    So... i have tried playing other HD 1080p animations that i have downloaded like big buck bunny and they work just fine.

    What am i doing wrong in my settings (they are basically default. im not going for stupid good quality)the only thing i changed is i set the aspect ration to 1280 by 720 HD (29.97) and this happens. but it shouldnt... i was actually only doing it at 720 as a test before i go to 1080 for a final render.


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    imonkey    0

    How big is the file? Try using compression when you render out the video.

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  • I belive your file lacks in a good compressor setting.

    Try, when rendering, to output to a Quicktime File with a Photo JPEG Compressor with 90% of quality.


    I really want this to be in AVI format.. i really do not like quick time and i do not have any Quicktime playback player on my computer at this time... (i know its free but i still think i should be able to produce HD AVI video format that doesnt lag)

    Funny story...

    i just got done rendering a 6 hour render and about half way through i saved the file (AVI 720 HD) and it played back perfect...

    i ended up losing the first 100 frames or so though.. they just dissappeared??? but the rest of it played back FINE.. HD PERFECT... but after it finnished i played back the file and it was choppy again... the other vid plays fine but the complete one wont..


    oh and the c4d file is 10MB and the output video is 235MB (wich seems high for a 30 second video) so yeah maybe i need a compressor.

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