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Render Floor Plan With Neon Lighting?


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Hello, I'm new here and to Cinema4D.

I'm trying to re-create this floor plan (from ArchiCAD and Artlantis) in Cinema4D so that it looks smoother and constant colour etc.(the red is a complete mess after trying multiple options, settings etc. The green work as I wanted really) I have placed beams in ArchiCAD where I want the "Neon" texture placing in Cinema4D (as I did with Artlantis, however the neon shader is still in development, I contacted Abvent hence why I'm using C4D)

I will also be using neon a lot for my final project building, so I've looked into using the material/object to light the scene and so global Illumination need not be used... After attempting this in C4D, I wasn't sure how I edit the lighting amount (i,e daytime to nighttime, as this is a night-scene).

The image says all really!

Thank you and I look forward to C4D and the forum :)

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My purpose of this image is to show circulation within a city. The colours represent the pollution level (red is cars, Amber is a train-line and green is pedestrians). I want to render the image like a 'night time map' so I will be relying on the neon lighting to cast light up my scene, plus a little global illumination so that it's not completely dark. The idea came from taking images of the busy roads at night and keeping the shutter on my camera down to produce a "streak of light" (here's an example. Car Lights) I then took this onto a plan view

I have the full 3D model from ArchiCAD and I want to render a top view of this, with the neon lights in the locations shown in the first image. I will provide more images if my description isn't clear...

Thank You

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That's exactly what I'm looking for! So I don't even need to use a neon material? Again I'm very new (and in the process of watching tutorials) how do I change the global lighting on my scene? In Artlantis I used a slider to change the day/month/year and the hour/minute and it gave me live feedback...

Also, I've attached a very quick sketch of my building concept (very contemporary!). Along with the context (trees etc.) could I apply the same method you mentioned to this, if the 'curves' are modelled in ArchiCAD? Will the lighting work as there are quite a few light sources? (not sure if drag and drop material/light works the same in C4D as it does in Artlantis)

Thank you very much

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I can't comment on ArchiCAd, Artlantis > C4D workflow as I have no experience with those apps. I would guess you would have to trash all your lights and rebuild lighting in cinema especially in your case since you will be using hundreds of cloned lights to make up the neon. Again thats just me guessing at this point. You can also use cinema's Sky object if you want to control day/month/time etc.. Imported curves should work just fine.

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I will be building the model in ArchiCAD then exporting it straight into C4D, no Artlnatis because it's quite poor (actually doesn't work) with this sort of lighting. The only lighting I guess ArchiCAD will export is the 'default' light but I can use a sky object as suggested.

Just out of interest, how many lights were used in the example you gave me?

Thank You

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I've drawn a spline and paced a light, then I made a it a child of the spline. I see nothing... I'm very new and haven't got that far into the tutorials, how did you do it? Manually add 200 lights ?

also, would say 2000 light slow anything down or don't they work like polygons do? (i.e 10 million polygons in ArchiCAD makes it a slow file)

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Use a mograph cloner in object mode.

More lights will take longer to render. At 2000 you should not have any problems. You will notice a heavy load once you turn on shadows. You will have to decrease the size of the shadow map. You will be better off using the scene exclude/include and fake the shadows with a few other general lights.

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