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? How To Model A Wrinkle Rubber Balloon

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Hello everyone,

I need to model a crease/wrinkle in a balloon. Imagine inflating a balloon in a small tube and the overlapping wrinkles/creases that would be created.

I've played with a displacement map, but that didn't seem to work.

I think my next move will be to try something with a cloth, but not sure that will make the right look...

Or just good old fashion point-level tweaking.

See pic attached if curious to see the real-life phenomenon I need to mimic.

Let me know if you have seen or know of a smart approach to such things -

Thanks for any tips...




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Uhm i admit this is a tricky one, their are so many ways to do it but which would be the best, id say cloth would be the best option because tweaking creases etc would take you a while, i suppose its just setting up the cloth correctly and to animate it deflating so you can pinpoint the exactly look you want.

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Thanks for the reply Nexus.

I ended up using a photo-texture in the luminous channel to create the illusion of wrinkles...I won't get that camera too close - so should be fine for the animated illustration....(see test-render attached if interested.)


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