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Bodypaint Update

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Hi everyone. I've been a bit quiet lately of where I'm up to with the Bodypaint DVD tutorials. Boy I've have a torrid last few weeks with my computer. It's been getting slower and slower and last weekend I formatted my harddisk and reloaded XP and C4D. Sure flies now. I think my machine had become bloated with junk not to mention a bit of spyware. Been working away an awful lot the last month e.g. like 3-4 nights per week. I've also spent over a week stuck on a bug / display issue that prevented me from going any further. The solution was damn simple in the end and came on Friday so I'm now making good progress and I can see the finish is near.

Here's where I'm up to. The final Spitfire project has been painted. I'm now working on the bump maps. Just finished the underneath with the top to go now. Following this is a bit of light weathering and then I'm done. Once finsihed it will take 1-2 weeks at a guess to put it all togther and get the DVD's copied and ready to ship.

So I'm looking at lauching sometime in September. I'm sorry it's taken a lot longer than I ever imagined but I wanted to do it right. Bodypaint is so deep I wanted to properly cover the tools so there's about 13-14 hours of video. In the Spitfire videos you pretty much see me doing it live first time around so you get to see me make mistakes and having to solve various issues. I think this live / first time recording of me should hopefully be of benefit as people get to see real world stuff rather than practiced and perfected material that makes it look a bit too easy. However those looking for a structured / formal Bodypaint course should stay well away. The Spitfire sections are very informal and the tool explanations and examples are pretty much like the tutorials here except they were practiced a bit more than what I would normally do.

As mentioned. The tutorials will now be out initially on data DVD because of the sheer length of the tutorials. Price $49.99 US plus some p&p. I should be able to ship world wide and people will be able to pay via credit card or Paypal. Following the DVD will be a CD set if there's enough demand but this will likely be at a higher price because of the number of CD's required. Then after that, I'll investigate doing a compilation DVD of the sites tutorials. This will have a modest charge and I'll likely burn the DVD's myself.

There will be samples of the videos available for people to check out later.



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