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What Features You Are Waiting For C4D (Wishlist)


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Core changes:

- Iterative solving of constraints, so you don't have to worry about hierarchical order and priority (wich most of the time causes closing and reopening the last saved scene).

- Nurbs

- Hypergraph

- Better scripting interface (I am not talking about the GUI, but about the programming interface: executing commands without directly dealing with the API, just like Mel)

All the deformers stuff can already be programmed, so I don't think they are as crucial as the ones here.

After this, we can trash Maya

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Just a little feature: I'd like to see, in Material creation, some kind of master Varicolor shader, or "Random Color Noise" shader. In other words, a shader whose sole function is to randomly vary the colors of other shaders (bitmaps or procedurals). I notice that TILES has a feature by which you can vary the colors (HSV) of your tiles. (But it doesn't allow you to specify exactly how you'd like to vary the tile colors). Yes, something like that, but applicable to other shaders and bitmaps. The idea being to disguise the repetitions of bitmaps and procedurals when assigned to a poly figure.

Right now, the "seamless" command for textures uses a simple "butterfly" tiling; I wonder if C4D might someday include a more sophisticated "seamless" algorithm... ie., such that the tile repetitions (esp. in Cubic UV mode) are truly undetectable.

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A good manual failing that an average one with priority to teaching the application rather than just writing down the information, some of which might as well have been left in German for all the sense it makes. Book marks would be nice, sizing text Decent navigation.

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Just to add to what Brian said - no matter how you put it, rigging will never be covered with out of the box solutions, and to rig properly, one has to have certain depth of knowledge. For example, Sticky lips is not a problem at all - few xpresso nodes and deformer or effector with falloff will do the job :thisrocks:


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Oh, maybe MAXON could add Sticky lips preset for xpresso nodes...?

So lets add that to the feature wish list:

-Sticky lips xpresso node or tutorial for inside manual

I thought it should be done with cluster?

-thank you for reading

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Unfortunately you can't add such presets since they are not applicable to every situation, and many factors and preconditions have to be done for it to work - that is the reason for avoiding such stuff. Simply to much loose ends and problems. Imagine you can create such preset, and you have model of a lips - how would you make it work interface/feature wise ? :thisrocks:

I am really curious, honestly - absolutely no pun intended here.


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If i would get the tutorial from that how it has been done, maybe i could think the solution for preset after seeing this kind of tutorial from sticky lips xpresso work...

But i think it shouldn't be so hard to create system which would keep polygon points side by side (close to each others) until they are far away enough for releasing from their positions. If i could code something like that i would make it and give it for free for every one, but i wasn't never good coder on high school because i just didn't understood that how it works, i don't just get it.


-thanks for reading

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No need for coding here - you answered most of your questions above. I do have such tutorial but it is part of a commercial training.

You can do it by combining deformers falloff and some simpel xpresso logic (order, equal).


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I would love a "Make Awesome" tool. That would solve allot of my problems. In honesty though, I would like to see an upgrade to TP something that can handle fluid and smoke effects. I would also love MORE training and documentation. (I realize they have gotten better in this aspect but compared to pixologic, which is free and plentiful, I think MAXON could improve.) Free training would also be a benefit as it will help widen the user base. I feel MAXON relies too much on 3rd party groups to provide some training (not to ruffle any feathers I am truly grateful for the resources that the cafe and others provide)

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Modelling optimization:

1. Possibility to rotate polygon by based on edge axis. The "selected" edge on polygon face will detect the

rotation axis for polygon. Also, if user have lots of selected polygon faces then all polygons will rotate

on axis which is based on "selected edge" which user use for rotating.

Workflow: User select polygons, then user start rotating the polygons by "selecting" pressing button down

on edge which user wants to be the rotating axis (with rotating tool).

2. Skeletons/deformers:



3.Flatting tool

what it will do: It will flat all selected polygons (it will delete the z-dimension for example, and it will make 2d polygon groups)


4.Pixar SubDivision surfaces

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