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What Features You Are Waiting For C4D (Wishlist)


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Guest dataflow

1.you can do that from the modeling axis tab.

unless im missing what you mean

3. just scale to 0 in the axis you want to flatten.

again unless im missing what you mean

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Sure it can be, but it would be good for speed modelling if there would be presets (one button way) for detecting the edge for rotating axis (by only clicking the mouse button down on the edge which wanted to be the rotating axis for polygon face)

Also speed modelling needs flatting tool, which would flat polygons with one button, but sure you can do it from scale but it takes more time. (and time is money) ;)

But does Cinema has Pixar Subdivision surfaces? I guess not, i think it should support it.

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Guest deepshade

There are always going to be the requests for better modelling tools, fluid sims etc (which I would welcome)

There will always be tools that are so old that they are not worth updating but are used as padding for the feature list.

But, for me its simpler

Consistency. Too many tools have features that are not consistent in use or application.

Every deformer should have falloff.

Every primitive should have top and bottom radius (where applicable).

Mograph spacing step/total on all (where applicable).

One particle system that has levels of complexity. Rather than the two that have so many different methods of use its almost like using two different apps.

Muscles that dynamically affect the skin but do not have other collisions or caching as do other dynamic systems in the app.

You can go on and on.

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But i think the most needed features would be (these are also in order of importance) and yes, these are only my opinions:

#1 For animators (in order of importance):

1. Self-collision for MSkin & Skin "deformers" (with self-collision area map which determines the collision hardness)

3. Collision & Self-collision features for muscles

3. Muscles sliding on bone

4. Softbody dynamics with passive points (possibility to rig softboy objects, without losing collision & self-collision features)

5. Tension & Angle based deformations (here's what i mean: http://www.cgaddict....t-overview.html )

6. Possibility to attach/joint muscles to muscles

#2 For modelers (in order of importance):

1. Good Retopology tools (like Coat3D has)

2. Rhino tools (in order of importance: "FilletEdge", "BlendEdge", "ChamferEdge", "slab", "Boss", "extrudeCrvAlongCrv", "Sweep2AddSlash", "Sweep2SimpleSweep", "Rib") - http://www.rhino3d.com/4/modeling.htm

3. Welder - http://jokermartini....2011/08/welder/

4. Surface object cloner

5. Sculpting tools (with animation features)

6. Texture/Painting (with animation features)

#3 For rendering:

1. Pixar Subdivision

2. Fast and hiqh quality MicroDisplacement

#4 For shaders (in order of importance):

1. Distance Falloff (transparency & reflection)

#5 For plugins:

1. Full support for DPit effex (i mean, better sdk with better manual for plugin developers)

#6 Deformers and dynamics (height collision map)

Height collision Map for collision deformer and for simulations, (if user have displacement map in terrain, then height collision map would be answer for collision detection)

I'm just hoping that Cinema 4D will be the best solution for 3D animations (by being "all mighty" (modelling, animation, simulation, rendering, texturing, sculpting, combustion) tool) :thisrocks:

That mighty be impossible job, but i believe in Cinema 4D.

Best regards, mrkosmikal

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I also think that C4D need "time step" - for creating slow motion animations with dynamics and thinking particles with DPit effex.

[time step for controlling the speed of animation (of dynamics, particles... etc) for generating slow motions]

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Guest dataflow

there is in project settings. (time Scale)

but it changes the whole scene dynamics, it would be good if you could control it base on the tag not the whole scene

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there is in project settings. (time Scale)

but it changes the whole scene dynamics, it would be good if you could control it base on the tag not the whole scene


And i think that "C4D needs a continous polygon and point count to calculate its motion blur" (with Physical Renderer)

even with dynamic mesh.

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Guest MichiSchwarz


* Sketch and Toon with all Cores active from start to end (at this time the calculation is only done by 1 core, the drawing form all cores). I use this function a lot and it takes hours to get the final result

* GPU support and live view like in Blender or Iray or Maxwell or in VRay....(a number of render engines have this actually)


* Faster Content Browser when tree view is active. Under Windows 7 this takes ages to load.

* A Texture-Browser with fast replacement features (search for a string etc.), a preview of the texture and all the textures listed in the materials. A guy from a company called Aixsponza has something in alpha or beta state, but he told me, that it is not ready yet, even far from ready. My opinion: But this should be an integral part of the program! Real time saver!

* Ability to save textures in relative and absolute paths


* Real material values, so that you don't have to think about percent and can type in the real values you find on the net


* Light characterstics in a view-port under "fotometric" tab. There is a nice picture but a curve would be nice. I always have to start another program to look at the characteristics.


Something like "spline patch" integrated

Best regards


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Radial Symmetry would be also nice addition for C4D:

Radial Symmetry: http://www.mariussil...al_symmetry.htm

Or maybe Array object needs only some kind of Melting/Merge effect with welder effect

Welder: http://jokermartini.com/2011/08/welder/

Also some kind of spline symmetry tool would be nice tool (it would give possibility to create own symmetry from multiple splines)

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I noticed that Cinema 4D would be very close to perfection for animation (in my opinion) when it will have (in order of importance):

-physical render has continuous poly and point calculation for generating motion blur (so that even Dynamic meshes can also generate motion blur as dpit effex simulations)

-very similar muscle system than Maya has[including self-collision (with possibility to paint collision area hardness), collision, maintain volume, muscle to muscle attach, bones, bone sliding, muscle sliding on bone, possibility to bend and twist muscles]

-muscle cluster(similar to character cluster)

-passive points for softbody[softbody objects are possible to rig/bind to skeletons (is it possible to generate softbody areas for rigged object)]

-Tension & Angle based deformations (when they are similar to fstretch 2), also plugin would be welcome

And then DPit effex would need full Cinema 4d Dynamics support/integration, but that is Samir's job i guess? But i hope that Samir will get as much help as he can [better manual for sdk: maybe dynamics (cloth, hair, rigidbody, softbody, thinking particles) would need more information]

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I think I have an easier solution for all of the above.

Since Autodesk will buy anything just to get bigger how about selling Cinemas source code over to them so they can make yet another huge gray bug infested ever crashing dinosaur out of it.



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