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What Features You Are Waiting For C4D (Wishlist)


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  • Here's what i am waiting to be possible to do with C4D in near future:

    So i am waiting for these features for C4D in some future, maybe far far away in future

    (i tried to put these in order of importance by my opinnion):

    Character animation:

    -Skin & MSkin deformers need self-collision (and self-collision area/"vertex map" painting tools for critical ares)

    -Muscles collision (need collision features, muscle collide to other muscle)

    -Bones (possibility to create flexible bones too)

    -Muscle sliding on bone

    -Muscles attach (possibility to attach muscle to muscle)

    -Soft body & cloth skin simulation. For example: loose skin and loose fat (with collision and self-collision features)

    -Tension & Angle based deformations / Skin stretching extension for tension tag with fall-off features (something like this: www.cgaddict.com - fStretch)

    -Face muscles (for creating face animations with muscle deformers)

    -"face skeletons" for controlling face muscles

    -Sticky lips (or xpresso node for sticky lips or tutorial for inside C4D's manual)

    -Sculpting tools with animation capabilities (like Joe Alter's LipService)

    -Morph Brush

    Shortly (these for C4D):

    -Maya Muscle System

    -fStretch (cgaddict)

    -LipService (Joe Alter)

    -Soft body with passive points for rigging

    Polygon animation:

    -Animation path for polygon points / vertex (also in Morph mode, in this mode it would be also useful to have possibility to add multiple points for animation path)

    -Possiblity to edit animation of selected points in/with F-Curve editor

    -Possibility to break and create new polygons and extrude them in middle of animation (like doodle paint tool, frame by frame) with fade & size effects (like mograph does)

    Vertex Map

    -Simple Fall-off animator object (for creating fall-off animations for Vertex Maps)


    -Passive points for Soft body (this would make possible to rig Soft body with these passive points and only the active points would be simulated)

    -Glue feature for rigid and soft body objects

    -Full support for DPit effex (better SDK for developers, with possibility to create plugin with interaction for all Cinema 4D modules)

    -Better cloth tearing feature

    -Better integrated Fracturing tools with fracturing capability in middle of animation (but i'am sure that Nitroblast is pretty good plugin too for this kind of job), so "Rayfire" for cinema 4D would be nice addition

    -Golaem crowd simulation kind of tools for Cinema 4D (or golaem plugin for C4D) (ANIMA has still lots of working to do before it is good enough for crowd simulation, but i'am sure that ANIMA is most easy to use at the moment)

    -Rope simulation


    -Thinking particles 5 features (from Cebas) for C4D's Thinking particles

    -Particle Brush/Paint tool (for generating particles, also should be able to animate them with smear kind of brush tools)


    -Displacement for OpenGL


    -knife tool with Disconnecting/separating option (possibility to cut shapes with disconnection feature)

    -Polygon bruhs cloner tool (possibility to clone polygons with brush, it would be very similar to the Photoshop's cloner tool with cloning direction/angle/mirror features)

    -Clone on surface brush (painting tool which would clone objects to other objects surface), (PaintOnSurface plugin sounds good but i would love to see it by integrated for C4D)

    -Transformation tools (bending, twisting, rotating for selected points, with 3-clicks: 1. click determines the start point of "deforming" then user moves cursor, 2. click determines the length of deforming and then user moves cursor again 3. click accepts the deforming strength) [i know that there is possibility to create group from points / edges / faces and then use deformer for it, but i think it is too slow for speed modelling]

    -Extrude brush (it would do the extruding by order of distance, and it would also take care of polygon's angle by direction of cursor move, this would speed up modelling a lot)

    -Collision for polygon brush, it would collide to all other objects around which are close enough (smear, pull, normal etc.), (of course this can be now be able to do with collision deformer but i think it would make things faster if there would be collision option in brush tool too)

    -New tool for retopology modelling

    -1D push tool (tool which would pull polygon points for one direction, world -z direction for example)

    -Sculpting tools (displacement with opengl support)

    And maybe some modelling features from Rhino3D:

    filletedge, chamferedge, and extruding with along by curve (spline extruding with possibility of point collapse extruding)...

    Objects melting / optimizer

    -Welder (for melting edges to each other with multiple objects for generating seamless edges between multiple objects) [it could be similar to jokermartini's welder plugin for 3dsmax)

    Was quite a big list, i don't even know which i have tried to suggest for MAXON, but i think that they wouldn't even listen me.

    -thank you for reading

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  • @kosmikal: Everything you showed in the stretchmesh video is currently no problem with C4D R12, with R13's Collision Deformer you would have

    a little bit more flexibility added to your toolset. And all that without any Third Party Plugins.

    Keywords are: Cluster Object, smooth VertexMaps, Smoothing Deformer, Bulge Deformer, Bend Deformer

    Just try it for yourself :-)

    But there is no Self-collision deformer? Is there? That is what cinema will definitely need mostly for rigged characters.

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    ...I have change the program when i have noticed that it has bad UI...

    I'd have thought the UI would be the first thing you'd notice and was the reason I picked Cinema4D back in the days of R8. Mind you the field was smaller back then for OSX and but for the UI I'd be using Blender now and MAXON would never have had my money.

    But as for extra features, I like the sound of the 'maintain curvature' feature mentioned by Varanid. Also, a curvature graph would be nice whereby we could see and fine tune the smoothness of a curve. It already exists inside C4D in the timeline in the form of 'Show Velocity' but I'd like to see that carried across to Hypernurbs and other curvatures as well.

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    Before we get fluids I wouldn't mind it if the basic modelling tools got some attention. Bodypaint as well.

    Pretty obvious that MAXON can't do everything at once otherwise we have better modelling tools and Bodypaint would have been given some attention by now.


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    I'd like to see rendering and character animation left alone and any new stuff shelved so that the rest of the application can be brought up to spec. I'd like to see MAXON concentrate on Prime. One big push to get everything in Prime perfected as much as possible then move on to improving everything else. Well that would be my strategy.

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    Interesting thread. I hate to say it, but this is one of those subjects that will never end because what everyone is really complaining about is that some program "X" does some feature "Y" better than C4D. If you never saw that feature "Y" being used in Program "X" you would not know what you are missing.

    The only way out of this endless debate is to wish the 3D software industry got away from developing generalist applications and focused on creating a core architecture that allowed multiple specialist applications to work seamlessly together. The only thing which these big 3D mainstays like Maya, Softimage and C4D bring to the party is an interface. Imagine if you could combine modo's modeling tools, Softimage's rigging tools, Realflow's fluid tools, Z-Brush's sculpting tools and Mental Ray together under one UI built by C4D. Wait, you like the Naiad fluid simulations better than Realflows? No problem, just swap them out and everything still plays well together under one roof.

    Is this a pipe dream? Absolutely! But until that day arrives, you will always be unhappy because invariably someone is going to do something better than C4D does it right now.

    For me, I am happy as long as the program has more features than I have talent - in essence, there is room for me to grow and learn. Fortunately, there are huge areas of the program still left for me to grow into....and as long as I have that, I am happy.

    ...that and a good fillet tool and useable booleans. woohoo.gif


    P.S, I know there have been many wishes for fluids out there, but honestly can anything top Naiad? Check it out here

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    I'd like to see rendering and character animation left alone and any new stuff shelved so that the rest of the application can be brought up to spec. I'd like to see MAXON concentrate on Prime. One big push to get everything in Prime perfected as much as possible then move on to improving everything else. Well that would be my strategy.

    Absolutely agree! Let's get the fundamentals up to best in class levels before we tack on high-end features. I think this is modo's approach and it seems to be working for them quite well.

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  • what MAXON really need? is't more 3rd part (plugin) developers. But how MAXON could get more plugin developers?

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    Well, it looks like no one has added to this list in a while, but I've got a feature request that I would use with every render...

    Separate "material pass" for each material applied to a scene.

    This might get a little wordy and/or complicated...

    I use C4D to render out very high-res photo-real portfolio images (still and moving) for pre-existing objects (soda cans, package boxes, etc.) with very specific artwork colors and material properties.

    Right now, I create my models and then apply artwork using a separate material for each color with an alpha channel (kind of like print separations). So, for example, a Coke can would have an all-over silver material, a red material with an alpha, and a white material with an alpha. I tweak the properties (color, reflection, specular, etc.) for each material and usually render out most of the multi-passes for safety.

    However, to make post color-correcting easier, I also create a secondary "mask file" where I turn off all lights and GI and uncheck all the color/specular/etc channels for each material (except for alpha). Then, one material at a time, I make each material have a 100% white luminance and render out separately. Once I pull all those "material masks" into Photoshop or AE, I can use them as selection masks for all kinds of color fine-tuning.

    Obviously, this is a huge time-suck and speaks to my anal-retentive nature. But, it's a method that works very well for me and allows a lot of room to tweak without going back and re-rendering everything which can take hours or even days.

    Naturally, adding in a "material pass" would save loads of time and frustration.

    Anybody agree?

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    Multi-pass rendering is not one of my strong points but looking at the passes that can be generated is not the "Material Color" what you're looking for?


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    Max and Maya have some great game asset creation advantages which could be added to Cinema 4D relatively quickly. But the real power of Maya and Max is that they have some very powerful plugins, in particular it's the game character animation and game asset plugins that make life a whole lot easier for game component and character animation (i.e. facial morphing, lip syncing etc.) development. Without these plugins Max and Maya would not have much of an advantage over C4D, if any, but the plugins available for then give them an advantage. A strategy that MAXON could pursue without using any development resources is to go and convince these plugin developers to adapt their plugins to Cinema 4D, Since C4D now uses Python that should be a much easier task than before Python was implemented. So far we've had some great plugins provided to us by independant developers, I won't try to name them all because I might leave someone out, but it would be nice to have some of the same ones Max and Maya have in their toolbox.

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