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Cactus Dan

Quick Explanation Of The Cd Bind Skin Command

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I thought I'd post a quick explanation of how to use the CD Bind Skin command and the Joint Influence options for adjusting the auto weight calculation.

You first select the mesh and then shift select the root joint of the skeleton (control select the root joint in the object manager for R10+), so that the mesh and the root joint are both selected. You then choose the CD Bind Skin command from the plugin's menu which will open the options dialog.

The default setting when the CD Bind Skin options dialog opens for the first time is actually a "Rigid Bind" skinning. This means that each point on the mesh is bound to only one Joint at 100% weight. Notice how the weights cut off sharply between the joints with these settings:

No. Joints = 1

Falloff Rate = 0


If you increase the "No. Joints" parameter to a number above one, you get a "Smooth Bind" skinning, which means that the weights are blended between the joints to get smoother bends at the pivot points. Notice how the weights have been blended with the following settings.

No. Joints = 3

Falloff Rate = 0


If you also increase the "Falloff Rate" parameter, then you'll notice the weight blending between the joints becomes much tighter.

No. Joints = 3

Falloff Rate = 4.5


You can try different settings to see which one works best for your particular character mesh. Then as always with auto skinning, the weights will have to be adjusted to fine tune them in strategic areas.


Cactus Dan

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