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Zbrush To C4D Displacement Woes

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  • I need help figuring out why my Zbrush sculpt looks funky once I import into C4D (with GoZ)

    Here's a pic of the sculpt in Zbrush. The base is a very clean head mesh, all quads, good topology.

    The following 3 pics are renders in C4D, trying to get the model to look like what I created it ZB.

    At 100% strength with a height around .5, or 1 or 1.5 the model looks smoothed, the mouth is open,(should be closed) and all the fine detail is gone.

    Raising the height more, things get blown out, tons of artifacts show up, but you can at least see my ZB sculpt is in there

    underneath it all. No matter what I try, and can't dial in a displacement coming from ZB.

    I'm totally lost.

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    This topic is now closed to further replies.

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