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Rendering And Alpha Channel Without A Background In Sketch And Toon

Guest mbadde

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can somebody pleas give me a screen shot of the rendering settings for S&T without a background. i either get a white background or grey background (with background set to off in shading tab) im working on an animation and its my first time to use S&T. please somebody help me with a screen shot or if not is it possible to remove the white background in AE when im compositing?



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thanks rocketsledd but when i do that, i get as per first image with a grey background and when i try to open it in photoshop it is not transparent?? should i check the alpha channel tab under save??

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Yes. You should save with an alpha (straight), open the file in photoshop, load the alpha channel, and then make a new layer from the selection, which will make a layer with your artwork and transparent background.

Not sure why you would ever have a gray background though. Did you change the background color? Or do you have some kind of atmospheric effect enabled? If you have an atmospheric effect enabled, you'll want to use an object buffer to create your alpha (or make a separate render with the atmosphere turned off and use that alpha for your masking instead).

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