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Best Graphics Card For Cinema 4D R13 For Mac

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Best official card: ATI 5870 1GB -best hacked: 6970 2GB

Best nvidia: GTX 285 -best hacked: GTX 580 3GB

If you want it to work out the box buy a mac specific card. If you want a cheeper PC card -they still work but you may need some mac compatible power leads & some messing with the EPROM / Kexts, helper card etc.

Hope this helps

With a 'hacked' card would you be able to make up he shortfall between Mac graphics performance and what you typically see from a PC?


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With a 'hacked' card would you be able to make up he shortfall between Mac graphics performance and what you typically see from a PC?



Generally , If you cinebench a Mac pro in windows it will give you about twice the frame rate you are getting in Mac os. -this is exactly the same for flashed / hacked cards. But you have to ask is cinebench still relevant -as we have had a few new render engines since it's release. One thing that the exotic cards do have is a lot more video ram & this makes a big difference between official mac cards & hacked cards in complex scenes when the official mac card runs out of ram.

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I promise I wasn't being snide and no real sarcasm was intended... maybe just a gentle, friendly dig, that's all. It's years since I stopped participating in discussions about the relative merits and costs of Apple and Windows hardware and OSes.

If it's a single machine that's being replaced, then I can't understand why it would be a problem for your company to replace a Mac with a Windows machine, or even just add a PC to the mix - multi-platform facilities are pretty common these days and file interchange and networking are not the issues they once were.

Cinema is a cross-platform license and has been for several versions, so there is no cross-grade cost. From version 10 Vue is now a cross-platform license and the only cost would be the upgrade from your current version, and you said before that the NukeX crossgrade wouldn't be expensive. I guess the biggest issue would be Adobe applications, which are single platform, and their attendant plugins.

Yeah, no offense taken! :)

The problem with going PC is convincing the guys making the decisions, and even they said it doesn't matter what they use, but as a small firm they made the decision (going from After Effects to Nuke is a big step for a small firm, and a really expensive one).

The main points being the cross upgrades (that Cinema 4D can be installed on both systems was completely new to me and my boss as he heard it) and the fact that they think leasing the machine is the easiest way to do it.

I did offer to go to the damn store, buy the PC parts and build the thing from scratch in a day, but it seems the Apple seed has been planted so firmly that things go more smoothly this way.

And I totally agree with multi-platform houses.

Networking might still be a problem. The way this new office is set up is that we operate in the same building as this commercials company, whose networks we use. And they didn't listen to wiser heads when the old network and dust busted switches were re-installed after a big renovation they did on this old glass factory we are in.

I've lost so many nights' sleep over these things that I'm pretty much ready to give up the fight :).

Don't get me wrong, the guys I work with are photography professionals and Jani uses Photoshop like a third hand (if that makes sense) but we're constantly trying to make the people doing decisions on things like the building's infrastructure to hear some sensible talk, but usually to no avail.

Complicated stuff.

No matter which direction we go, it's still a step up from the systems we're on now.

And it looks like no matter how I feel about OSX I'm gonna have to learn to click and drag ;)

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