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Bounding Box For Generative Objects

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simonrussell    1
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  • Hey, is there a way to access the bounding box data for objects like cloners. I've played with the Bounding Box node in Xpresso but it only works with objects which have geometry. I'd like to pull out the data which relates to cloned or deformed objects or particles etc. Is this possible?

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    alexanderVD    0

    BoundBox_Test.c4dHey Simon!

    one way that I access bounding box information is actually using the GetRad() function in Python. You could theoretically make a python node, pass the object into the input side(create a link port on the Left side of the python node in xpresso) and use the code:

    Output1 = Input1.GetRad()

    then create the output on the right side that is your Output1. I have yet to get the actual xpresso bounding box node to work. just my 2 cents.

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