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Pinball Backglass With Texture And Lights

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i have posted this question before last year but i still don't have a good result.

im trying to make a pinball like machine and it must have a backglass with some images on it and there must be light from the back.

the lights on the back must highlight only parts of the image (see examples)

it's like if you you shine with a spotlight trough the back of a poster. The front side will be totaly visible( if it's in a daylight space) but will be highlighted on the spotlight spot.

i tried to put the image in the luminance channel of a material but that was not the effect i was looking for.

i have no idea how to do this.

here is a example of what i want to achieve.






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Tweak it on Photoshop, before place it on the Material Luminance Channel. You have more control on PS, on what part you want to be highlighted...


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hmmm... that's an idea but it must be possible in c4d i think.

thanks for the reply.

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If you create a layer shader with two instances of the texture and use multiply that will make the dark areas darker and in the luminace channel. In this example I put the image in in the color and luminence channel and mutiplied it in a layer shader. I put the shader on a plane and created a second plane in front of the fist with a glass material. Both planes are inside of a cube with an HDRI for reflections and light.



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