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.obj And Normal Tag?

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I have a file that I think started as a cad file and was converted to .obj. The model is made up of hundreds of objects, see attachment 1. Now I am try to delete some polygons but when I do this areas that are not even connected to the polygons deleted turn really dark, see attachment 2. Kind of like the normals are reversed, but when I check they are not. So I tried deleting the normal tag but when I do that it messes up my shading, think that is the correct term, attachment 3. I have tried adjusting phong angle, but it doesn't change anything. Any ideas?



here is the model. I am trying to delete all of the pieces hanging down on the inside.




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I have had the same problem with Poser figures I import. What I did with your file as the same thing I do with my Poser files, and that is get rid of all the "normal" tags. Then I selected all the geometry, ran a"connect and delete" then optimized, reduced the phong down to about 67 and it looked great.

You could delete the pieces you want to first (if it's easier), then do what I explained about connecting and optimizing. I know those black polygons really look nasty, but they will disappear when you are done deleting and you get rid of all the tags. If you need to keep it all in pieces (which I often do with my Poser figures) you should be able to still delete the tags and then adjust the phong on the pieces that don't look so hot.

All the best!

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