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Guest KurtyI

Aligning Blueprints Ready For Modelling

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Guest KurtyIGS   
Guest KurtyIGS
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  • I am about to model a car, and I have downloaded a blueprint for it from The-Blueprints.com, and cut them into separate images. Using this tutorial, (http://cinema4dtutorials.com/modeling/modeling-a-car/) I put the correct images into the correct views and started to add points using the Right view. The problem is that on the Front and Top views the images seem to be too big. But if I go to Edit>Configure and shrink the images (which were d&d'd into the program from Windows Explorer), the changes in scale (As each image has a different scale) makes it to the points align but then when I clone them and move them to the left on the Front view, they move about 1cm (on my screen) but on the Top view they move about 0.2cm(On the screen). How can I sort this problem out?

    I have uploaded a screenshot of the problem to make things easier to understand. I hope it helps. The green lines on the screenshot show the gap between sets of points and you can clearly see the problem.


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    bezo    414

    if you have aligned all blueprints in all views properly, in front view you have zoomed camera (maybe) ...

    ... if you create a cube with exact car dimensions, you can align all blueprints properly...

    ... Nitroman made beautyfull plugin for that, check his site...

    br, Lubo

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    3DKiwi    316

    The cafe has a tutorial on setting up reference images


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