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Using Particles Covering Title For Reveal...

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Guest electricjib
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  • Hi Everyone, first post, I've dug around here a bit and haven't had much luck with what i'm looking to accomplish.

    So basically what I'm trying to do is take a 3D logo i've created from a Vector and cover it with particles/spheres or something that is still and motionless, similar to a snow or sand type texture and give it the ability to blow away to reveal the logo underneath.

    I'm not to familiar with TP, so I've had a rough time getting those going even with all the tutorials I've watched. Atleast not in the manner that i'd like. I got going in a direction I wanted to be going in but I didn't find it gave me the accuracy I needed to accomplish what I wanted.

    What I did was set up a TP Draw and then was drawing the particles on but like I said they weren't in the right location and I couldn't really get them where I wanted them.

    As a second approach I decided to take spheres, shrink them and use a cloner object to drop them onto the logo and then click "set initial state".

    This has been a slow and painful part for me since my system isn't the greatest. I'll update that shortly.

    I'm not insanely new to C4D but particles aren't generally somthing I work with as I'm usually using it strictly for compositing titles into shots.

    If there is a good tutorial for this I'd appreciate it, of if someone can give me a good method of doing this I'd really appreciate it....If there is a way to set this up and it uses Xpresso, i'm as dumb as a rock and if someone has some spare time that could walk me through it I'd really appreciate it. I'm just at a brickwall with it...

    Thanks and best!

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    airbusch    18

    See if this is what you are looking for. It's TP and if it works for you all you have to do is hook up shape in xpresso window (I already have node there) to see the spheres on text. Right now I just have TP ticks on so it lays in real time.

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