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Camera and text help

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Your issue is one of "Motion Tracking" within C4D, in which everything I've told you is wrong. You will not get the desired effect by placing your type in the camera object. Watch the youtube video closely, the camera is definitely rotating around the text, even though the text is visually "fixed" to the video behind it. I have done motion tracking in Final Cut Pro's Motion, but I have never attempted it in C4D. My advice to you is, repost here on the Cafe and say you want help with "Motion Tracking" within C4D, that you want your text to appear as if it is in the Video scene just like this video you posted and someone will be able to steer you in the right direction. AND REPOST THIS VIDEO IN NEW THREAD. IT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING. But don't say your text is moving and all that as it is confusing. I understand now what you mean, that you want the type "fixed" but not to the camera, to the video in background as if the type is actually in the video scene.

All the best.

Thank You So much and same as to you too

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