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Turbulence Fd

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  • Hi. I purchased TFD and have only used it on one job which was for a still image. Due to heavy workload I've not had a chance to play, but things are calming down a little now and its time to set stuff on fire! I'd like to start this thread and ask people who use TFD to chip in with any advice or suggestions they have on the subject. I'd like to make an image of the classic poring water into a glass stock-photo-15074091-pouring-water-into-a-glass.jpg

    But in my version instead of water have fire with smoke density. I have tested chopping a capsule in half and giving it thickness, then giving it a tag set to collision object. I used an emitter to throw the flame at the 'glass' hoping the flames would curve around the and fly out of it, but I can't get the effect I need. Ideally the particles would follow the glass, but I'm using Broadcast so don't have TP. Any suggestions very welcomed. D



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    This topic is now closed to further replies.

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