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View Port Default Camera Jumps To Origin At View Change

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Guest esaeo
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  • This is rather frustrating. Everytime I am in perspective (or any other) view and then change to another view (e.g., front, ....) I'm thrown back down to the world origin. Never mind that I'm actually working on a specific part of the model (even with a selection). The viewport always jumps to the world origin, then I have constantly re-navigate back to where I was working.

    I'm using the trial version of C4D R14. All other 3D applications I've tried try to keep the current view's content within the next view I choose, but it seems C4D doesn't.

    Is there any way for the default camera of the viewport to generally hold my currently viewed content in the current view into the next view so I don't have to keep re-navigating back to my old postion within the new view?

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