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Need Help Modelling/sculpting On C4D R13

Guest CilfrewBoyo

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IF I understand what you're saying here....

If you are using the Live Selection tool for your polys, you can change the radius of the tool to avoid selecting too many. You can also zoom it real close. On the other hand, you can use the Move Tool in polygon mode and it will only select one at a time.

Since I can't see your screen, make sure you're NOT working with HyperNURBS turned on. It will be difficult to see what you are trying to select and can get confusing.

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Guest CilfrewBoyo

I'm not sure if I'm right but it appears as though the tutor has used a different object in the 2nd part of the tutorial with more segments. In the 1st part we are instructed to give our cube 3 segments on all axis, but in the 2nd part it looks as though the object, now in the shape of an XBox pad, has more segments. I've included a link to the 2nd part of the tutorial and I've also left a comment on the video which includes the time at which he is selecting the polygons (12:50), so if you click on it the video will start at that time. If I need more segments will I have to start again from the beginning or can I add more segments?

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To be honest,this model of controller is so poorly done,that this video needs to be flag out,if you ask me. Just bad,bad,bad and dont show anything good for you to benefit from it!

Ill show you my wireframe from one model I made(ONLIVE controller) long time ago,when I look it now I see its far from perfect,but its a 100000000000 time better then this one you showed on this video. You also can look my PSP in gallery and you will see wireframe and how its suppose to look.

When comes to modeling,you just need to know your tools and you need to know how thing works. Nobody here can tell you how to model it, if you don't know all the tools and some modeling techniques.

So,try something easier for practice and then, when you know your tools,go for it,otherwise, you'll get frustrated and you maybe come to point when you just want to quit.

Nobody wants that! :)


U Render Quality Assurance Specialist

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Guest CilfrewBoyo

Very good, but actually I really like the look of the finished object in the tutorial. As I said, I've already modelled the general shape of the main body, but it appears as though the object has more segments in the 2nd part of the tutorial than it did in the 1st part. It seems the 2 parts of the tutorial were made at a different time and he may have used a different object for the 2nd part. So my question was: can I add more segments to the object or will I have to start again? Thanks :-)

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If by segments you are referring to polygons I believe the command you might be looking for is "Subdivide" to add more polygons to your model. I am fairly new to CD4, however one thing I have learnt is to model with as few polygons as you need. Just because the video shows more polygons does not necessarily mean you should increase the number of your polygons. More polygons is not better: fewer polygons is better.

I will point out that some very skilled members of the forum have contributed to this thread and have suggested that you might want to work on basic modelling skills first. It is advice you might want to listen to.

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Guest CilfrewBoyo

They're called segments too (ie. you can increase the segments of a cube before you edit it), and the reason I need more of them is because I'm following a tutorial that requires a smaller portion of the object to be selected, as I explained in an earlier comment.

Thanks for your advice. If you had read my first entry you will see that I was indeed asking where I could find some tutorials on modelling. You might want to read before you comment ;-)

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You do realise that the end result isnt going to be like the one he showed you initially in the first

video dont ya? Its probably for the best cause, as mentioned above, that would have been too

complicated for you at this stage.

I know you may like the look of this one better, but it will be doing more damage than good if he

is teaching you to model poorly.

lol now to answer your question :wackywink:

.....Yes you need to subdivide your mesh if youre polys are bigger than his otherwise your buttons

will be too big. Another option if you dont wish to subdivide the whole mesh would be to add cuts

with the knife tool.

I havent watched them properly, but it looks to me like he has subdivided once with hyperNURBS

- there is 2 ways to do this a) lower the subdivision on your HyperNURBS to 1 on both editor and

renderer and right click and select 'current state to object'. You will still have the original but you

will have a new subdivided object, or b) you can do it via the functions>subdivide make sure

subdivision is set to 1 and check 'HyperNURBS subdivide'. Its probably better for you to keep a

copy before making any changes. So either do it the first way I mentioned, or copy your cube

before you do the second.

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Guest CilfrewBoyo

Yeah I noticed (not straight away) that he had left out some of the more interesting details of the object. I think I've learned a little bit about modelling from the tutorial but obviously need to learn more, which is why I asked my first question. I've been searching for tutorials for a while now. It would obviously make more sense for me to follow tutorials that were made specifically for the R13 version because that's the version I'm using, which has a different layout to the earlier versions. Yeah yeah, the tools are the same, but it still makes more sense to follow tutorials for the version I use because there are certain things that are done differently and as a beginner I am left needing to ask questions. I could start from the very beginning but still need to ask questions because the layouts are different. Oh, whilst I remember, to reply to your earlier comment, the object did actually look symmetrical when I dropped it into the hyperNURBS. If you have R13 try it yourself to see. So there's one important difference between two different versions right there, though in this case if I'd just followed everything he said it would've worked fine, but it doesn't always work that way.

What I think I'll do is just follow this XBox Pad tutorial to the end - I mean I might as well since I've already got the main shape done. I've actually already re-modelled the main body with extra segments too, but after doing that I realized I could've just made the rear buttons with a separate object altogether. Never mind though, I definitely learned something from the exercise. The advice you gave about subdividing the mesh is greatly appreciated and I will definitely need to use the methods you listed in the future, so thank you very much for taking the time to explain it all. Still need to find some good tutorials though, and after this exercise I think I am more able to follow tutorials for different versions, so perhaps it was helpful after all! :-)

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I wish I had R13. I have downloaded the R14 demo so I will have a look on that when I get round to

installing it. I think there was some changes but I haven't used that version. Small things, but I see how

this can cause confusion. But you see, this is what everyone is trying to explain, if you get the basics

down then you will be ok. If you understood the purpose of symmetry and how it worked and why he

was using it, you would have seen that was right and wouldnt have done it again. This is again where

youtube falls short compared to other training. You are just pretty much following along with no idea

why you are doing things, and you arent gonna learn much. You might have a cool controller at the

end, but thats about it. You might twig on to a few things yourself, but if you invest some time in watching

proper training you will learn more of the why's...as well as the hows.

:ohmy: You remodelled the whole thing again? Oh well, extra practice I guess.

Please do keep in mind subdividing for next time.

I agree that you should finish it now....especially now that you have made it a few times :lol:

You will get there. C4D Cafe is always here to help with any questions that may arise. If I come across

some R13 training that I think you might benefit from I will let you know here.

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Guest Harrybee

You could start with the printed Quick start tutorial from the C4D Box and then check the tutorials from the C4D Online help.

This should give you a very good start point in C4D.

CU and have a great day.

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Guest CilfrewBoyo

Of course I will be ok if I get the basics down, as everyone explained, but, as I explained, I could follow every tutorial for C4D R12 and earlier from the very beginning and still need to ask questions because the layout is different in R13. If I was to learn C4D from scratch using tutorials for R12 and earlier without having to ask questions then I'd need version R12 or earlier. R12 tutorials can't answer queries about R13. It would be different if I had version R12 and had already learned how to use it from R12 tutorials, then following R12 tutorials on R13 wouldn't be so difficult. But I'm starting fresh with R13, so to make it easier I need R13 tutorials. Does that make any sense lol??? :geek:

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Guest dataflow

i think you are misunderstanding what the basics are.

basics are what tools, commands etc.. there are in c4d and what they do. (not where they are)

once you know that it wont matter where the tools are (the layout) youll now what tools there is so then youll now for example

"i want the knife tool so where would that be."

it cuts mesh so ill look in the "Mesh" menu

and what is it, its a tool so i will look in the "Create Tool" menu

and by learning the basics you know all that plus now you also know how to use it.

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