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Need Help Modelling/sculpting On C4D R13

Guest CilfrewBoyo

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If I can throw in my two pence worth. When I started with cinema 4d R12 had just come out and it was daunting for me. I knew little of 3d modelling (I could argue that is still the case!), and many of the tutorials I could find were in R11 or 11.5 (can't remember now). Yes tools are in different places and yes it would be great to have all tutorials in all versions of cinema, but it aint gonna happen. These amazing people spend hours putting together great tutorials they don't have the time to keep redoing them.

As several people have already said, you don't NEED the tutorial to be in R13, although it would be nice. If you are serious about using C4D I would strongly recommend that you follow the advice given here, they talk sense. If you're following a tutorial and they use a tool you cant see, use the command search, if it looks different make notes in a book so you have some good notes to refer back to. once you have tried a technique, keep the files so you can go back to them and relearn or practice things.

It is a huge learning curve if like me you are new to it, but its also amazing fun! And the support here is second to none if you play nicely.

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I hope you know how to use cmd+F1. It's very immature to expect that you'll get everything from video tutorials, and say that you can't learn unless the tutorial has the exact same version as you have.

For the most part, Max and Maya videos will teach you more about PROPER modeling than most C4D tuts on youtube. There's a lot of tools that are simply hidden in menus that are rarely used by professionals simply because they didn't care to look for them.

my 2 cents?

1. F1

2. Google

3. Forum (ask nicely ALWAYS)

4. hire a professional

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Guest davidp

CilfrewBoyo - I understand your frustration. I have been learning C4D R12 Broadcast, and have been stumped a few times in tutorials. DIfferent C4D versions and tools specific to the Studio version have made some tutorials confusing to follow, and sometimes I simply couldn't finish them. It is frustrating to spend time on something and not complete it.

As you have probably found out, some tutorials are better than others. Some people will run through the steps of HOW to do something with no explanation of WHY. This "cookbook" approach is not an efficient way to learn. I have been working on tutorials by 3DKiwi, and find them to be excellent, as he takes extra time to explain the WHY behind most steps. For me, this is crucial stuff for really learning any program.

Keep chipping away at tutorials and the differences between versions will become less of an issue.



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Guest CilfrewBoyo

Well, thanks for all your help. It's much appreciated I'm sure. I feel that after following the XBox Pad tutorial the issue I had concerning the different versions of C4D is now not so much of a problem. I hope you'll understand that part of the problem was not only in not knowing the tools, but the fact that the editing modes etc. have different looking symbols on the left of the screen in R13 to what they do in all the earlier versions. I think I have now more-or-less got past this problem and feel more confident in both using the tools and following tutorials.

RustEdge: Here's my two cents back at you. Did I say (or even imply) that I'll get everything from video tutorials or that I can't learn unless the tutorial is the exact version as I have? No I didn't, so stop plucking things out of your bottom dear boy ;-)


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