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Mo-Text + Explosion Efx= Texture Malfunction?

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  • Well, this I have encountered and am unable to resolve.

    I have some text. I have 3 materials on it.

    R1 C1 and ALL

    The R1 is Chrome with a sky object HDR ChromeFX image.

    When I add the Explosion EFX to any Letter or all, I lose the R1 and the rest of the textures

    go soggy.

    HERE is an Example image to demonstrate. The Letter C has the Explosion EFX added.

    And the Text has been made editable.

    Just found a thing that just is ruining my evening.

    Any Suggestions?

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  • Well, as usual, as soon as I ask here, I figure it, out.

    SOLVED> Need to apply materials directly to letter and not the Motext object.


    Randal R.

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