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Changing Default Size Of Parametric Objects?

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  • Is there a way to change the default size of parametric objects when invoked? Most of my animations involve small consumer items: blenders, hand tools, etc. So whenever I call up a cube or a sphere or a cylinder I end up with this giant 2 meter box or such that I then have to scale down every time. It would be swell if I could set the default to make a cube that's 5 cm cubed, not 200 cm cubed.

    It would be even better if I could activate a cube tool, but nothing appears until I draw it out onscreen, where I want it to the size I want.

    Or how about changing the default Movement on Extrude Nurbs to 5 cm instead of 20 cm?


    Shawn Marshall

    Marshall Arts Motion Graphics

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    Create a cube. Change its dimensions to what you want it to be. Go to the Edit menu in the Attributes manager, select 'Set as default...' and then click OK. From then on when you create a cube it will always be at your chosen size.

    You can do the same with the extrude nurbs.


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  • Excellent, thanks. I figured there must be a simple way to do that; I just didn't think to check there.

    Now if they'd just create an option to draw out a cube I'd be really happy.



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    Guest Harrybee


    If you want the original settings of your (parametric) object then you can delete the created preset of this (parametric) object in the Content Browser.

    CU ;-)

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