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In 2012 Is Cineversity Worth The Loot?

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Hair please.

I still have some catching up to do - Mograph will be next - but we sorely need an in depth tutorial

on the hair module.

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Hair received lowest amount of votes on my website...

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Xpresso volume or project? Or both?

Both of course! :-)

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I bought old and new volumes of the Vertex Pusher modelling series and felt I received my moneys worth with each (even if my very slow confidence with the software is only really letting me properly digest the R14 tutorials, I was still too spooked by the software when I bought the first volume).  I agree the Vertex Pusher tutorials are really worthwhile.  If a new modelling volume is released I'll grab it.


Chris Schmidt at GreyScaleGorilla also does some good tutorials. 

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The truth is that I am working on 3 different trainings simultaneously when I can. Currently things are a bit on hold since most of my energy goes on one custom training set for one large company.

Unfortunately, this custom training is not like something I did for NextLimit so it won't be available for public.




It is really possible. It all depends on how things will develop and if I will have time to tackle Vray since my schedule is already full as it is.

Too bad I can't clone myself :)

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Guest Moshe
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    In my years of self-tutoring I have viewed uncountable tutes and if I learned nothing else, I found that in my case the quality and style of delivery was always (in comparison) preeminent to the content.  If I couldn't grasp the style of teaching, I learned very little.  Many instructors go too fast, aren't detailed enough, and assume that the student is a razor-sharp 16 yr. old whiz kid.  That's not me.  I'm an old slowpoke but I can learn much if I can really relate to the teacher.  Case in point, I spent a good chunk on a series for an Avid product done by one company but learned the most in the best way from a $40 set of two discs done by a freelance artist who had used the product for some time.

    As I'm a rank beginner and in need of a huge amount of training, I would like to be able to experience even a 5 min. demo of your delivery.  Your pricing is very fair but I wouldn't benefit if I can't absorb it in a meaningful way.  I've scoured my city for personal training but there is none and even if I had someone the cost would probably be exorbitant compared to what I saw on your site so I'm hoping......

    What are the chances?


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    I am sure we can arrange something so I took the liberty of sending you private message :)



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