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Anti Aliasing Grid On Floor Plane

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  • Hi, I have a scene with a black grid on a white plane and it looks terrible with anything less than 8x8 antialiasing. this is making the renders take a ridiculously long time for how simple the scene is. does anyone have any suggestions to speed things up?

    its a 2 minute animation, so even saving a few seconds per frame would help.

    (the antialiasing is set on a comp tag, min 4x4, max 8x8, threshold 5%)


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    Guest Harrybee

    An alternative solution to the texture could be a geometry solution.

    Use a plane object with the grid division as you need and put it under a Atom Array object.

    A 2nd plane on the same position and with the same dimension but with a division of 1 covers then the white part.

    (Sure, you could also use the floor object for this)

    Here a simple C4D (R10) scene for this.

    CU and have a great day.


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