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Low Poly Coloring Quick Tip

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  • I thought I'd share a quick tip as a complement to GSG's tut about this trendy low poly look, a way I found out to have each face to get its own flat color without having to make object editable, and that in a relatively simple and controllable way.

    I'm no C4D crack so there probably are better ways to do this but I couln't find any after a bit of research.

    So, as you can see on the attached pics, I applied this material with a Terrain mask shader in the color texture (Texture:Effects:Terrain mask). These are the settings I found out to be the best for uniform spreading of colors but playing around with them gives out different and interesting results, it's pretty flexible.

    That's it, hope this tip could be useful.




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    Nice technique – it's a pity that as soon as the object polygons change slope, the shading changes.

    But baking the texture can help with that :-)

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