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Zbrush To C4D Uvs, Displacements And Normals Problem

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  • Hi, sorry my english please


    Im having problems with Zbrush UVs, displacements and normals exported to C4D, i render images at VUE with same textures and obj with displacements and no problem, but when aplying those in C4D a LOT of problems, some "lines" appear or squares, but only at C4D, why Vue works fine with Zbrush maps and C4D doesnt?


    In Zbrush i use PUVtiles or GUVTiles for the UVmaps, then create displacements (smooth UV on),  and normals (Tangent on, Smooth UV on, Snormals on) then export with GOZ to C4d, the problems persist after many tryes, but if i export the figure with those "same" problems to VUE from C4D then no problems, so now i belive the problem is C4D.


    First i thought it was a problem with the normals, but then i saw that displacements also gave problems, GUVtiles or PUVtiles both give me same bad resoults, only texture maps work fine, please help.


    I use: C4D r14, Zbrush 4r5



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