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Python - Book / Magazine Rig File

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  • I've built a python based book rig for some work that I needed to do and I thought I would post it here for anyone interested in making it better.

    It has its issues, but I'm not a full time programmer (more of a hobbyist). I wanted to make an object that could be used interactively, posed, and animated rather than just running a script after setting some parameters and creating an object. It's based on the Python Generator object because of its ability to "listen" for updated in the user data fields and automatically run (I could not figure out how to do this with a regular script). I also wanted to leverage the Cloner objects abilities and all of the Effectors that are available to it (though I have not implemented any user data to feed the effectors to the cloner objects).


    So, for what it's worth, I thought that someone might be interested in taking this to the next level, as I have not had the time to do so. Or, at the very least, someone might find this a handy tool for some future project.


    Some of the issues are:

    • won't refresh multishader materials unless zeroing out the page count after applying new material
    • when multiple books in the scene they must all have the same page count
    • if you want to update page count on one book, all must be "re-updated" by zeroing out first


    I am interested in knowing what people think about this attempt.

    Please share any updates or insights on how I might have done things better, or more efficiently (if there is any difference in those terms).


    Book Rig v7.5.c4d.zip





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