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C4D Viewport Performance - Can We Get The Truth Behind It?

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  • From reading some of the forums on the announcement of C4D Lite and Cineware, reading about the release of Modo 701 and reading some of the comments from NAB conference last week, the general theme that keeps coming up are the negative comments behind C4D's viewport performance.   There are even some rather negative threads on viewport performance here at the Cafe.


    I must also admit that I have been less than pleased with the response from any MAXON representative on this subject.  MAXON rep's sound like alcoholics denying that they have a drinking problem when this subject comes up:  "C4D doesn't have a performance issue, it's your hardware"  or "C4D's viewport performance is no different than any other 3D software program out there".


    Well, so what is it?  Is it hardware? Is it a real problem with C4D?  Is it trying to maintain cross platform compatibility between Windows and OSX?  Is it the lack of support for DirectX or other standards?  Or is it the user (as sometimes has been suggested)?


    And more importantly, has MAXON adopted a 12 Step Program to viewport sobriety and completed Step 1: Admit that they have a problem?


    Can we get to the truth?  Honestly, the rhetoric coming from MAXON on this subject is so frustrating that I feel like flying to Germany and staging an intervention!!!



    Sorry...but I simply do not have enough faith to be an atheist.

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