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Guest saltorio

Square Patches In Polygon Hair

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Guest saltorio
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  • I'm attempting to add some depth of field to a piece I'm working on that involves extensive use of Hair. The scene looked fine when all the hair was being rendered normally (see image 2), but as hair doesn't get taken into account in the Depth of Field render effect in Cinema 4D, I'm setting my hair objects to interpret as polygons via the hair object's Generate tab.


    This worked fine for the grass in my scene, but for some reason the hair on my bunny is coming out with an odd patchwork pattern. This showed up as soon as I enabled the hair as polygons (see image 3 - I didn't realize I had to re-add the textures with the Polygon Hair texture effect) and persists even now that's I've re-applied a texture to the hair (see image 4). I'm not sure what's going on, and waiting for the (much slower) polygon renders as I try to work it out has me frustrated, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    I've posted my project file to Dropbox in case it helps: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2534683/Bob%20the%20Bunny%20v2-010.zip


    The patches do give a cool effect, but not one I'm going for with this particular piece.





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