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Guest palosanto

Xref Objects Have Default Materials

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Guest palosanto
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  • Hi,


    I had pretty bad experiences in the past with xrefs when used in complex projects and sworn several times to stay away until MAXON gets them right, but once again, I thought that I would give it another try.   Bad idea ...

    I have a scene with 4 xref instances of the same boat.  Three have the 'Generator' option enabled so all I see in the object mgr is one item, without tree of objects which I like because it makes the OM less cluttered.  The 4th instance of the boat does not have the 'generator' ticked because I need to manipulate some of its objects around the scene.

    Apart I have another three xrefs objects in the scene: oil tanker, offshore platform and helicopter, with the generator option enabled.


    The strange thing is that the three identical boats that have the 'generator' enabled, don't render any colors or textures, just all plain gray, but the 4th one with the 'generator' option disabled displays and renders fine. 

    All other xref objects mentioned above behave also correctly.

    I'm assuming that the cause is one of the cryptic (to me) options in the xref dialog that causes this but for the life of me, I cannot figure it out.

    All textures are found and, like I said the 4th identical boat renders fine with them.


    See attached.

    Can anybody shed some light?   Thanks


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