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Simplifying The Geometry Of Text So I Can Break It Into Parts For Animating / Linking Geometry Of Complex Object To A Simpler One


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It was tough to come up with a subject line that covers what I'm asking! Here's what I'm trying to do:


I want to break up a word into 5 chunks so I can animate those chunks moving into place. I have the Thrausi plug-in which does exactly what I want when applied to simple objects. Ie I can say 'cut this into 5 chunks' and it does a great job. But as my word is a detailed Polygon object with lots of shapes in it, the plug-in cuts up each letter in the object, not just the larger overall shape.


Basically what I'm hoping is there is a way I can 'simplify' my complex polygon object (the word) so that c4d treats it just like a solid cube the size of the whole object, without taking all the detailed geometry of all the letters into account. It's almost like I'd like to link the geometry of the simpler object to more complex one. Is this possible? Has anyone got a solution for this?


Here's an image attempting to show the kind of 'chunks' I'm getting and the kind of 'chunks' I'd preffer.




Is the surface deformer something I should be looking at?


Thanks for any help!

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Thought I'd bump this incase anyone has any ideas on how to go about this?


I'd really appreciate the advice!

Maybe this isn't as 'newbie-ish' as I thought. Perhaps it would be better to ask in another sub-forum?

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Maybe this isn't as 'newbie-ish' as I thought. Perhaps it would be better to ask in another sub-forum?


Here is fine. I don't think posting elsewhere will make any difference to getting any answers.


Personally I would manually cut the objects up using the knife tool, separate the polygons using the "Split" command then fill in the holes with the "Create Polygon" tool. That way you get total control. Might take a bit of time!!



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Guest gearbit

Try putting your objects into a connect object. Then turn off "find polygon connection" in thurasi before applying to the connect object.

You'll probably have to play with the angles and random seeds to get it sliced how you like.


You probably already know this but, to get the letters to form from the pieces, just render out as normal and reverse the image sequence in an editor.


Let me know how you go. It worked for me.


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Great! That's exactly the kind of tip I was hoping for. Thanks so much gearbit. I'll try it out tomorrow and let you know how it goes.


Thanks for the idea Kiwi. I've got a sequence where many objects need to form themselves out of these chunks so doing it by hand would totally blow the budget. I may do that for a couple of objects that I need total control of though.


I'm suddenly excited for this project again. :)

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