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Viewport Lag

Guest gudron

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Regarding SSD.

I don't own such one but I see following advantages for C4D from pure logic point of view:

- Faster load of the program (you mentioned it already)

- Faster load of (big) textures / models etc if these are placed on the SSD (not sure if it makes sense to flooded your SSD with this kind of data)

- Faster swapping to virtual memory (if it's assigned to SSD) in case the RAM is full

(it's faster as for a standard HD but much slower as for real RAM. BTW: If C4D starts to swap on your 24 GB RAM system then there is something wrong with your C4D scene.).


I have quite a lot of experience with SSDs, so I can add a couple of points to this:


+ Saving and opening large files is a lot faster, my current setup is easily 5 times faster at saving.

+ Writing simulations from plugins like TFD or XP is massively boosted.


- Price for capacity is still a little high at ~$0.75/GB vs. ~$0.05/GB for mechanicals (although Samsung have aggressively entered the market and you can bag a 1Tb SSD for less than $600.)

- They are still hard drives, which is the most common failpoint in a system. They wear quicker if you constantly read and write to them so ALWAYS BACKUP!


As long as you know the main points, SSDs are awesome, I've had one fail due to a faulty controller, so was able to retrieve the data, but the speed is so good I think it's worth the premium.

Having used 1200MB/s, going back to 140MB/s isn't even an option. Even 500Mb/s, which is a common speed for an single SSD, feels incredibly snappy.





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@ brasco


I've read that the SSD wears while writing on it, but nothing about reading…


What do you think about keeping the OS and apps on a SSD and all the other files on a HDD. IMO this should increase the lifetime of the SSD, but will it make sense when working with C4D or other apps's files, I mean, will this make anything faster, apart from launching the app?

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Yeah that's correct, the most wear occurs due to writes or anything that rearranges the data.

Most people use that setup - OS and programs on the SSD and storage on an traditional drive.


My differs in that I actually use my main PCIE SSD for OS/apps and live projects and a second pair in RAID0 as a cache/scratch drive

Then I have about 13Tb of archiving storage on some externals and some internals for realtime backup.




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Guest gudron

Ok guys, another problem, now on the workstation PC, which I wrote about above. The same happened on my Mac


There is a short lag/pause after when pressing a mouse button and dragging the mouse, while holding the Alt key.
Doesn't matter, whether it's a move, rotate or zoom mode.
Polygon count is around 9000.
Switching the enhanced Open-GL on/off has no effect.

Can it be the Mouse that's freaking old and sends unsteady signal? But when I use the buttons for those modes in the right upper corner of the viewport, everything works fine!


I've read about the same problems in the threads here from 2011, tried everything people suggested, no effect whatsoever.

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