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2013 Mac Pro Buyer's Discussion

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Having benchmarked quite a few of the new iMacs and the Mac Pro I think that if you are on a bit of a budget then you are probably better off buying a souped up iMac. These are the scores I got running Cinebench R15:


iMac (i7 3.5ghz 780 GTX customised model)


CPU 712

GPU 92.6


Price (without SSD drive but faster CPU and 780 GTX GPU): £1,919.00


Mac Pro (6-Core 3.5ghz standard)


CPU: 965

GPU: 80


Price: £3,299.00


So with the iMac you also get the monitor and faster graphics (you can add an SSD for a bit more), but the MacPro is 35% faster on the rendering side of things but no monitor and you would have to find an additional £1,380. So the money you save you could probably buy more software etc.


Just a thought. I think Apple might be releasing new iMacs this autumn so it might be worth waiting.

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Thank you guys for your replies.

In fact i already have two monitor (ok there not new one but they do the job)
The only thing than could make think of a iMac is that my monitor (age 2006) won't work with 5.1 mac pro.

In term of rendering, the iMac does suffer from heat ?
I might have an false idea about that but i thougth mac pro where more heat dissipated...
The choice of graphic card in iMac is also good ? i heard that the Carte graphique HD 6970M has some troubles in 2011... (i'm looking on occasions)

thanks again !

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I'd recommend the MacPro5,1 in whatever configuration you can afford right now. You can upgrade the CPUs and stuff later, no big deal. The base machine will last you for another 3-4 years at the minimum. The only real issue is that GPU compatibility kinda sucks (across all Mac Pros, regardless of the series) with OS X, and there are some hardware issues with fast fans if you're using a non-stock Apple GPU (like the 680 GTX). If that's an issue for you then I'd suggest you buy a PC, which is incidentally what I'm doing after my current MacPro5,1 becomes outdated.





And in the mac pro 5.1, what do you think about the cores ? Is 8 really worth than 6 ? Or it's better to put money in RAM ?

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Here's something interesting...


I was in the Bath Apple Store on the weekend. It's not a small store. Not a single Mac Pro in sight. I guess that tells you all you need to know about Apple's commitment to the Mac Pro...




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That is surprising. I don't really know what kind of media creation market there is in and around Bath, but having been there seems like a big enough place and close enough proximity to London (sort of like a far-flung suburb if I remember right) that they'd have them on display. Unless of course they can't keep them in stock and sold the floor model too. 




(I know, I know... not likely).

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