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'Live' HDR Editing - anyone tried it with C4D?


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I've been looking with interest at HDR Light Studio 4 (



And KeyShots HDRI-Editor (



The live creation of HDR maps looks really interesting and a quick way to achieve good lighting. Almost like painting light onto the object. Has anyone tried doing this with C4D (via plugins perhaps).

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Ah interesting. C4d dome doesn't look as slick as the others unfortuntely. If they're going to release a 'full' C4D version of HDR lights studio that may be worth the outlay. Unless they put something similar in version 16 of course :)

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Hi rfanoni, you are in luck! Today we are proud to have released the new HDR Light Studio live connection to C4D. It works with native C4D rendering plus Octane, Maxwell and V-Ray. It supports the LightPaint feature inside C4D views. I think you will like it.


Check it out here: http://www.hdrlightstudio.com/workflows/plugins/cinema4d_live


Here is the launch video too:





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Guest rubyscooby

I love HDRI Light studio.  It's one of my favorite programs and well worth the money.  It saves a lot of time getting reflections exactly where you wan them and helping to match BG plates.  I totally recommend it. 



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