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easily switch between multiple textures for render


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hi, this is a problem that often crops up, I know there are easy ways to do this manually but I'm hoping there might be some kind of more automatic way to do it;


we do a lot of sports promos and it is often the case that we need to do many different versions of the same scene just with different textures, flags most commonly. e.g we would have a standard template and make versions for england v france, france v germany, germany v spain etc.

the usual way is to swap the textures out, save a separate copy of the scene and then queue them all up for render. this obviously gets pretty annoying if you then have to go back and make changes to the scene.

I was wondering if there is a way to have all of the textures on the same object and then use xpresso to switch between them, and then link that to render settings presets somehow so they could all be queued up from the same file.


is this possible? or could anyone suggest any other ways of speeding up the workflow?


thanks a lot

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Not sure what your trying to do, but let say you have a you can replace the texture by holding the alt key (cmd on Mac) then drag the new texture over the old one,


This will replace the texture.


of course make a backup of the texture your replacing if you plan to use it in the future.



This might not be what your looking for but if it is i am glad to of helped.



If this is not what your looking for then i am sure expresso could solve this

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if I wasn't clear, I need to render the same object many times, with different textures every time, and I'd like to do it without having to save a new scene file every time.

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Adam Swaab    http://adamswaab.com/


Wrote a plugin exactly for that purpose   




You can refer to his vimeo tutorial or the lynda.com tutorial on which Rob Garrott explains its use and the workflow




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