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Subdivision Surface, bevel or what?

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Hi guys n' gals!


I've got an issue with modeling a rather simple model. 

From a real life equivalent I want to build a kind of triangular shape, based out of three ovals and to circles. (See it attached, for I couldn't describe it well enough.) 


I modeled it out of a Boole (oval sphere subtract five cubes, all Boole check marks active) that I transformed to an object.

Beveling this should be easy, thought I. But in the end I couldn't come to a good result. Beveling the lines would destroy the geometry and the bevel also didn't go far enough.


How would I have to set up the geometry to come to smooth round corners in a subdivision surface object?

Or how would I have to set up the geometry to get a better bevel?

Or is there even a way to do it from scratch out of some primitive shapes?






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Something like this?


That started as a cylinder with 12 segments and 2 long segments. Select the ends and reduce somewhat. Select 2 polys parallel to the base and flatten them. Set and note the size across the pair. Rotate cylinder axis 60°, select the pair of polys appropriate to the new axis, flatten and set same size across as before. Rotate cylinder axis to -60° and do the same.

Tidy up and adjust to your liking.

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Hi, thanks, SKP,

so, I was afk for a day.

And now I finally understood it. Anyway, it seems that (at least with my abilities) I can't do it as exact as I want it that way. So, I think I'm gonna try and fix the "booled" geometry I already did.

Thanks alot!


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