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Are you for real? It's better than what any other 3D app is offering.


No matter what's in R16 (and I know) it won't be enough for some people.


Of course you know, but should you be teasing us when were hungry to know?  :cry:


Cinema is a great product update or not.

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OpenCL doesn't work properly in in V-ray 3.0 in Max so I doubt it will be in better with VrayForC4d 2.0


In fact it appears ChaosGroup have formed closer ties with Nvidia as their press release for this years Siggraph included this nugget:


"On Sunday, August 10, NVIDIA will join Margo and Nichols to discuss “How V-Ray RT and GPU rendering are Defining a New Filmmaking Paradigm†in room 223-224 in the Convention Centre at 10:15 — 11:15 a.m. Chaos Group will join NVIDIA again for their Limelight event to showcase the most recent advancements in V-Ray RT GPU rendering on Tuesday, August 12, from 6:00 — 9:00 p.m. at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel."


Not sure this is the fault of ChaosGroup but rather the lack of developments from the AMD OpenCL team. Sad news for those of us with spankingly powerful AMD cards in our spankingly new Mac Pro's...  :(


That sucks re: OpenCL not being done well in VR3 (for other platforms). Albeit Chaos is a separate group of developers so no guarantee the implementation will be the same experience. Also remember Nvidia is not pushing CUDA as an alternative to OpenCL anymore, they're building OpenCL support into their tech and roadmaps (at least that's been their stated intention). It's more like they seem to be saying both technologies are important so we'll support both.



VrayC4D is very solid with v1.9. Not sure what makes anyone say otherwise.


Yes, 1.8 was delayed for maybe 2 years...and it was a mess when it arrived. But they have finally cleaned it up and it's a great solution now. It should have feature parity with Max/Maya soon as they rebuilt it with the VRAY core.


That's more in line with what I've heard, and the reason why I asked.

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Just to be clear ref VrayForC4d. I hadn't said anything about the robustness of 1.9 but it is true that 1.9 is slow in comparison V-Ray in Max/Maya (and very slow in comparison to the Physical Renderer). And the experience of working with VRayforC4D is not as smooth as working with V-Ray in Max/Maya. Chris Montesano is updating his excellent cmNode plugin to work with VrayForC4d so this may help on the usability issues.


I'm pretty certain that VrayForC4d 2.0 will be a paid upgrade from 1.0 so I'd be tempted to sit things out seeing as it's supposedly just round the corner.


We run multiple platforms/packages at the studio and made the decision to stick with V-Ray Max for our archviz work (especially interiors).


But to be clear my original point was regarding the strength & speed of the Physical Renderer and how it it would more than a match for V-Ray if MAXON upgraded the materials system to something more physically based like the materials system in V-Ray or Maxwell.

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Guest dataflow

something is a foot. The 2 eyes post that 3dkiwi has just added makes me think he is up to something......I remember something similar last year

thats just the next challenge

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