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Well the last Thread about R16 didnt end well. so Im hoping this one has better luck


What do you think MAXON will do in the next Release of Cinema 4D R16

which should be out in a few months time.

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Guest darby

I didn't see the last thread, but I've been hoping for an improved material system for a while now.  Proper blending/layering of channels and a node based workflow would be welcome.


Other than that I can think of some render settings and multipass workflow enhancements that'd be nice.

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To be honest I won't even try to make any predictions about any new implementations or redesigns because I'll get disappointed, taking into account the amount of updates MAXON implemented on the last 3 releases (too few, IMHO).

There are a lot of stuff that C4D needs to pay attention to, from sculpting, retopology tools, optimized renderer/material system, UV tools, animation tools, etc., so I'll simply wait!

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Guest Harrybee

Rework / update

- Bodypaint

- Thinking Particle

- Pyrocluster (with 'real' fluid simulation)

- Baking of sculpted objects (Keyword: correct displacement map based on a high and low sculpted polygon object)



- Material nodes

- Boole in sculpting (like Dynamesh in Zbrush)

- Retopolgy tools (like ZRemsher in ZBrush)


CU ;-)

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Guest Harrybee

If nodal materials means that I lose every material I have gathered over the years, I don't want it.

Not necessarily.

If the old material (from a previous C4D release file) would be treated as a single node then you could keep your old materials and enhance it with the new material node features if you want..

Sure then it would not be down compatible, you couldn't use these material node features in an older C4D version.



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Wow....is it that time of year already?  How time flies.


Understanding how MAXON works, I think it is safe to say that we will see modeling and sculpting being worked as they always stick with an updated area of the program for at least three to four releases after a major over-haul.  Relative to modeling, I would hope that the symmetry tool gets a once-over as right now I find it pretty unusable.  We will also probably see some improvements to workflow integration as C4D strives to be the tool that anyone can fit into their pipeline.  I also understand that Team Render is a hit or miss for some (you either love or hate it, there is no in-between), so I would expect some improvements there.


I think after the introduction of sculpting in R14, which was quite the surprise for everyone, it set the expectation that future releases will always have a major surprise.  Well, R15 held no such major surprise and therefore I think people were a little disappointed (what were you expecting?  Fluids?).


Now remember Hrvoje's comments a while back that MAXON has some interesting plans for the future and that we will not be disappointed!  Well, I think we may see some of that unfold with R16.  So what would NOT disappoint us?  To answer that, we only need to look at those features that have not been touched for quite some time --- therefore the answer is obvious:  Bodypaint.   The time has come for a Bodypaint overhaul to be unveiled.  It makes no sense for them to completely abandon  that module --- I would suspect that along with totally re-writing the core over the years that part of that re-write was to address necessary Bodypaint enhancements.  Well...we waited 5 years for modeling improvements but finally got them.  We've waited longer than that for Bodypaint....so it has to be about time.


Some of the core changes may also have to do with viewport performance improvements....which in turn may be what was holding Bodypaint back.  So along with a new version of Bodypaint, we finally may get a viewport capable or utilizing mulit-core processors better which is in keeping with the MAXON edict to be GPU agnostic in their architecture.


Along with Bodypaint changes, we will see a nodal material system as well. 


Don't look for any Pyrocluster or TP enhancements as there are  already plugins that do a better job in those areas (TFD and XP) and work well together and with other plugins like Krakatoa.   In fact, I would submit that it is XP that is the basis for getting C4D into other pipelines -- so MAXON is not going to mess with that.


There may also be a host of workflow and rendering improvements as well...but nothing major.  Just a continual fine tuning that they always do with every release.



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Another new Bevel Tool :lol:



Sorry, but that's as valid a guess as any of the others here ;)


Anyone who thinks MAXON won't add a feature because a plugin already exists out there to do similar features already doesn't know their history. Remember they introduced the Hair module when Shave already existed for C4D? Or introduced Mograph when there was a 3rd party toolset with some similar features called Jenna?


If I was a gambling man I'd put money on Team Render being the focus this release, considering the stink it caused on the forums last year when it replaced Net Render I think a lot of users are hoping for big improvements to it.





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