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'Bake all' additional object dynamics without resetting other previously baked objects?

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  • Good morning


    I'm 5 months into a project for a client. It invovles a large domino run (around 100,000) through a series of environments. It's finally looking good, dominos mostly laid out, smoke, mist, textures all in place.. so I'm now on the final animation and mograph dynamics.


    In my scene I've got a large swathe of dominos toppling over and the dynamics have been cached (down a mountain, across a desert and over a bridge). That's all been cached and works well.


    I've now arrvied at the jungle section where a domino run continues and tumbles in and around the foliage.


    If I press play in the scene the dominos topple fine and carry on from the last bit of baked dynamics over the bridge.


    What I'd like to do is simply bake the next stage of the dominos without having to re-compute all the dynamics from the very beginning.


    When I press 'bake all' on the first additional bit of cloned dominos after the cached section, it clears all the baked data from everything and starts it again from scratch.


    I can't just press 'Bake Object' as the new jungle scene has 6 different new domino sections which need to interact with one another.



    My Question:


    Does anyone know of a way to bake additional objects dynamics without affecting the dynamics of objects that have already been computed and cached?


    (If it helps I'm using R15)

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  • Solved:


    By selecting all the MoDynamic tags for the objects yet to be cached at the same time, and then choosing 'Bake Object' it baked those sections of the dominos taking into account the previosuly baked data of other objects without resetting any previous data (on other objects).





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