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New Workstation Multi-GPU Question

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Thanks for all the great responses folks. It's been awesome to get all this helpful feedback. FYI - after some more consideration I ordered the Quadro K6000+Tesla (Maximus) configuration. Seems to be the only way to get true 12GB memory and there are a few pro bells and whistles with that setup.


I'll be tinkering with the various plugins and experimenting with ways to speed up my new GPU powered workflow.


Happy rendering!

I think you got so much support because we are all living vicariously through you!  You are living the hardware dream many of us will never be able to experience on our own.


So as you take delivery of this machine, please keep us updated on its performance (Cinebench scores a given), render times, sample scenes, etc.


If you lack any scenes to test, please let me know.  i will be happy to email them to you.  Just send back all the individual rendered files back to me in the format specified by the render settings. In fact, if you live in NH, I will provide you an external HD to make the return processor easier!  That's how much of nice guy I am!


I will be happy to help you in this way for the life of the machine!





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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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