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Autodesk bullyboy tactics look to be getting worse

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  • Came across this in my newsfeed today:




    "With upgrades due to be eliminated early next year, next up on Autodesk's chopping block is the perpetual license. Here is the exchange from a recent conference call with financial analysts (reproduced with permission of Seeking Alpha):
    Matt Hedberg (RBC Capital Markets): Carl, I'm wondering, when might you eliminate perpetual sales? And maybe more generically, what is the framework for eventually pulling this license option?
    Carl Bass (Autodesk): I'll ask you Matt, what do you think is a good timeframe to do that?
    Matt Hedberg: It would certainly probably depend on the products, but the market generally wants it-- seems to be wanting it sooner than later.
    Carl Bass: We’ve been looking at considering it seriously, and we’ll talk again a little bit more about this in October [at Autodesk's annual conference for financial analysts] what our plans are. Right now, we have a fair amount of transition going on in the business with the elimination of the upgrades and it's certainly inspiring people to action. But as we move into next year, we'll have more to say on that."
    This is a very worrying trend for the industry and follows very closely the Adobe strategy. The phrase that worries me most is where Carl Bass says "Right now, we have a fair amount of transition going on in the business with the elimination of the upgrades and it's certainly inspiring people to action" - inspiring people to action - in other words giving customers very little choice!
    Where Adobe led, Autodesk are following. Let's hope the MAXON leadership see this as an opportunity to offer greater choice rather than following in Autodesk's lead.
    Cinema 4D started out as a hobbyists product and much as it's been a great journey seeing it become one of the leading product suites available it will be a sad day if the hobbyists - many of which frequent C4D Cafe are priced out of maintaining their hobby.

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