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vray vs R16


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Don't forget to set the render time & info to output "into" the render frame itself as text at bottom, to ease ID'ing the settings used, time required, etc.


I think a really interesting comparison would be trying for accurate tightly-woven fabric like denim (maybe also do a loosely-woven like linen as a stretch goal) in both VrayForC4D 1.9 and R16's engine.  I'm particularly interested how additional reflectance layers affect R16's performance, and how R16's Embree-enhanced performance holds up versus VrayForC4D 1.9.  Obviously, different engines aren't all that usefully comparable, but still ought to get some notion of relative layer costs, and efficiency proxies of that sort.

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R16 is alot harder then I expected LOL.. so far a huge learning curve..

im trying to match a vray render but the current results are embarassing lol


I dont have my R16 vray serials yet, so im using Vray 1.9 on R15


attached is a work in progress.. not pretty :)



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It looks to me like you don't have seen in reflection on in the C4D lights.  The Vray scene also looks like it has a lot of camera filters on it.  One thing that bugged me a little with vray was all the camera filters that are on by default.

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How about creating this VRay material in R16?


Great idea Neal. I'd thought about doing this myself but am away from my studio machine for the next 7 days or so.


Any chance that you could adapt the scene file (which is freely available via the VrayForC4d public site) for use in C4D. That way any comparisons are based on a common scene file.


Just a matter of stripping out the Vray specific materials/tags and we should be good to go.


In my early tests with the R16 demo (all that I have access to at the moment), R16's native abilities come close on quality but have far too high a cost in render time compared to V-Ray.


Be good to get some opinions from other V-Ray users too.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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