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R16 Poor OpenGL on New Mac - Object Highlighting not working etc...

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  • Before going back to MAXON / Apple / AMD thought I would check with you guys to make sure I've not missed some setting that needs changing :)


    As shown in the attachment in R15 a white highlight appears around an object when the mouse hovers over it but not in R16...

    -I have Open GL set to enhanced

    -Object Highlighting is ticked in the view filters

    -Outlines is ticked in the display tab

    -A spline placed in the same scene highlights perfectly


    [Added from a later post] In R16 there is also a substantial delay when moving, zooming, rotating around the viewport with high poly objects in Gouraud, Quick, and Constant Shading unless you view it with "Lines". Or I move a spline lathe object down the object manager !*?! Plus the Live Selection Circle sticks i.e. weird behaviour... 


    Latest build of R16 on a New 2014 Mac Pro / 6 core / 32GB / x2 AMD Firepro D300's 2Gb each / OSX 10.9.5

    MAXON HQ reckon my machine does not fully support Open GL....? hmmmm....


    Any help would be greatly appreciated...


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