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R16 Poor OpenGL on New Mac - Object Highlighting not working etc...

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After using R16 on D700s the last few months I can confirm lousy viewport performance as well under 10.9.5, with OpenGL active, while using any kind of particle / generator setup, even simple ones. The usual suspects of dropping LOD, turning off filters, dropping AA make little to no difference. Has anyone here seen GPU improvement with 10.10? I am not ready to update to that platform, but I will if anyone has substantive evidence that the GL / driver performance is better in C4D.


Generally I have to say, the internet community has lost their way on this. "Turn everything useful off and it will run faster" is a sh** solution to the viewport / driver problem we're looking at here. Most people would most likely enjoy seeing a bit of anti-aliasing on their objects / not have jagged edges, enjoy being able to see the actual items and placement of items in a scene not just half of them... would enjoy seeing a decent approximation of the color under current lighting... ad infinitum.


Turn Stuff Off â„¢ is not a solution, it's a band aid and the worst kind -- the kind that renders the functionality you pay for, useless except at render time. People should stop promoting that kind of talk and start directing their energy to the two companies who can make this band-aid unnecessary.



Granted, Apple truly seems not to care. I didn't want to believe it for a long time, but it's turning out this computer platform really is a Final Cut "dongle" -- a technology demonstrator for their video editing platform of choice. They are swimming in money yet as far as anyone can tell, do not dedicate a real team to building good GPU drivers for their more expensive MacbookPros, iMacs and Mac Pros, nor do they keep them updated regularly for changes to OpenGL, bug fixes, etc. I mean a team that does nothing but drivers and OpenGL work, 12 months a year. Not this deal where the same developer teams shift from project to project to project. I get why they do that, and it's fine on some level, but it should not be mutually exclusive from having a GL / Drivers team, given how important this stuff is to a lot of people (not just Mac Pro users).



I finally have to concur with the nay-sayers that Apple has become a consumer-focused software company. They simply don't give a sh** until they prove otherwise.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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