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Really need Vendor Feedback as I am finally going to purchase a new PC

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  • After much research and going back and forth between cost, features and power, I am finally getting close to pulling the trigger on a new workstation purchase. Desired configuration is as follows:


    Processor: Dual (2) E5-2640 V3 or Dual (2) E5-2650 V2 Processors (8 cores each, 2.6GHz with 3.4 GHz turbo boost).  I would prefer the V3 due to lower power requirements.

    Memory: 64 Gb of either DDR3 or DDR4 DRAM (ECC) - Would prefer DDR4 due to lower latency, but some vendors don't offer it or price it so high for an ECC version that it is not worth it.

    OS Drive: 512 Gb SSD (Samsung 850 Pro)

    Storage Drives: Two 2Tb 7200 RPM SATA Drives (RAID 1)

    GPU: GTX 980 4Gb


    Now, I am not going to build my own.  I know the arguments, the benefits, etc.  But unless someone is willing to help me build their PC first from scratch so I can make all my first time mistakes on their machine, I am just not going to risk it given the cost of the components I am selecting.


    Therefore, just as critical as the components is the build quality and vendor.  In the US, the vendors that I am looking at are (in order of preference):


    • Thinkmate Workstations (based in Waltham, MA - only a 90 minute drive from my house.  Top preference as they are second lowest in cost and their close proximity to me is preferred in case things go wrong.  But other than that, I know very little about them)
    • Puget Systems (their pre-sales support is superb.  Their web-site is a combination of Tom's Hardware Guide and PC configurator and you get answers to email questions within hours --- even on weekends.  Also, based on some research that I have done, I am pretty impressed with their build quality).
    • Xi Computer Corp - The cheapest vendor by far...but again, I know nothing about them. 
    • Origin PC (great pre-sales support)
    • Digital Storm
    • Titanus Computer
    • Maingear Workstations
    • Velocity Micro (the second most expensive vendor out there)
    • Boxx (the most expensive vendor out there)

    If you have used any of these vendors (with the exception of Boxx because how can you go wrong with them..provided you can afford them), then how was the after-sales experience?  Did they deliver on time?  Did everything work right away and if so, how long have you been using their PC?  If there were issues, how was their service and technical support?  Did they honor whatever warranties that were provided?


    ....and most important: would you buy from them again?  Also, if you have recommendations for US based vendors that are not on this list, please let me know!


    Please help!  Your input could help end a one-year journey and finally put my 6 year PC out of its misery.





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