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Really need Vendor Feedback as I am finally going to purchase a new PC

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  • So ... did posting in this thread jinx me? Computer went down this morning just as I was about to start an intensive 3 day project. High anxiety!

    It's frustrating that I live in NYC surrounded by 12 million people and there isn't a high end computer builder nearby. I found a small outfit on the Lower East Side through Yelp and dropped the computer off at lunch time. Fingers crossed.


    From digital storm I get a price of $2385 for a rig with these specs - could someone scan down the list and see if there's any advice you might have. The price is at the lower end of my tolerance so I could spend a small amount more and still not feel the bill collectors are getting hungry -


    digitalstorm $2385

    CPU - i7 4790K 4.0 GHz Quad Core 88W

    Motherboard - Asus Z97 P

    RAM - 16GB DDR3 1600MHz Digital Storm (house brand)

    Power - 750W EVGA SuperNova

    Drive 1 - 120GB SSD Samsung 840 EVO

    Drive 2 - 1TB Seagate

    Video - GTX 980

    Cooling - Digital Storm H20 liquid cooling (house brand)



    I would go with the 850 EVO drives as they double the warranty to 10 years over the 840 series.  Will you be using that drive in 10 years?  Probably not....so essentially it is a lifetime warranty. One other recommendation is that if you can afford it, increase your SSD size as 120 Gb could fill up rather quickly with your OS and programs.  I think you can get a 256Gb 850 Pro for only about another $120


    Relative to the GTX 980, read the earlier part of this thread as Nvidia may soon announce in December the GTX 980Ti (with 8Gb of memory) or the Titan X - which I assume is a Maxwell version of the Titan and as such, much faster.


    Also, as you are using the Devil's Canyon processor with the H20 cooling, are you spending the extra $20 for the over-clocking to 4.8GHz?


    Finally, I have not heard good things about Seagate.  For an additional $50, I would go for the WD Enterprise Class drives.  Much more reliable.


    So if you can squeeze out another $200, you will be in a far better shape....and if you can wait another couple of months (which based on your PC troubles you may not have the option), you will be far happier with the 980Ti cards when they get released.


    If you need to purchase now, may I recommend Origin PC (www.originpc.com) if only because for a $40 additional fee, they will buy back your old components should you decide to upgrade. Therefore, if you need to get a PC now but really don't want to miss out on the newer Maxwell GPU's when they are released, they will buy back your GTX 980 and ship you a new card.  Now, I don't know how much they will buy it back for, but better to get something rather than nothing if you want to upgrade.




    P.S.  Okay, rather scary how well I knew how to find alternative pricing for your configuration when you never even mentioned the PC model number.  I have been PC shopping for way too long.

    Sorry...but I simply do not have enough faith to be an atheist.

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    P.S.  Okay, rather scary how well I knew how to find alternative pricing for your configuration when you never even mentioned the PC model number.  I have been PC shopping for way too long.



    Not too long - your computer shopping and Vozz's input has definitely helped one person (me) and I expect many others that have seen this thread or will do so over time. And besides, what else would you be doing? Watching re-runs of television programs that weren't worth watching the first time around? CPUs, video cards, motherboards vs watching the Kardashians antics? No question which is the better use of one's time and energy.


    I'm hoping the little shop I dropped my computer off at will be able to get it up and running for at least a few more weeks. That will put me in reach of Black Friday and Xmas sales and the two cards you mentioned. I'm going to go back to digital storm and make the changes you suggested to see what the cost looks like, then I'm going to go and take a look at Origin's site - that's not a company I'm familiar with.


    One thing that's really apparent now that I'm without a computer at home is how much I miss getting home and firing up c4d and ... well, playing. My day is spent in Rhino, AutoCAD and sometimes modo. I'm a long ways from integrating c4d into my normal daily routine but every evening I sit down to it with one of 3DFluff's tutorials or something similar, or I just open the program, launch a primitive and start pushing it around, adding materials to it, bouncing it around in an animation. There are so many interesting things to learn and to do in this program, it's endless.


    Anyways, onwards and upwards or stumbling forward in confusion. I can't tell the difference so maybe there isn't a difference.

    Thanks again.

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    re: water cooling btw. Im not experienced with overclocking myself, but i also heard that the 4790k only goes up to 4.9ghz as well. 


    I just got it for the stock clock's. and have it running with the stock cooler. works fine for me. 


    you might need to do some reading on that topic to avoid dissapointment. 

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