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'Filling' Shelves with product using Mograph

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  • Hello.

    I use Cinema 4D for retail design. We've recently upgraded and now have Mograph. What I'd like to do is fill shelves (like in a supermarket) with dummy product or in fact actual products. I'd like the products to be in rows but randomised.

    Ideally I'd like to specify certain surfaces and click 'product on there' and it'd fill the shelf space with product that I've placed in a cloner. I've had limited success so far.


    Can anyone out there give me some help please?

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    Hi Andy


    Sounds doable with mograph, a lot of what your talking about would depend on what and how many things you want to put on the shelf.


    If you want to randomise the positions a bit you can use various effectors for that, if you want say cans of beans carrots and potatoes to be mixed on the shelf then put all 3 in the cloner and change the mode to sorted random etc.


    You can combine the regular cloner ( using clone onto object ) with the matrix cloner ( the object ) to make rows and columns of stuff.


    You can clone onto any objects so you could drop your shelf geometry into the cloner and clone onto surface, or you could put an invisible box and clone onto volume.


    You could make 3 cans pre stacked and clone as 1 item.


    Mograph is really flexible so Im sure there are many other methods, you can clone onto splines too for easy circles and shapes 



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    This topic is now closed to further replies.

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